Privacy statement

In short

This section is only a summary of our privacy statement. It is recommended that you read the full text.

  • Wierper WebWorks uses cookies to personalize advertisements inside and outside our website.
  • Wierper WebWorks registers data on the use of the website anonymously. No one can therefore find out which pages you have visited.
  • You can at all times submit a request to view, change or delete the (personal) data that we have stored about you.

Wierper WebWorks is responsible for the processing of your data on this website and within our company. In this privacy statement you can read what information we collect and what we may use it for. In addition, we would like to explain what measures we have taken to protect your information.

What data does Wierper WebWorks collect and what is it used for?

When you fill in a contact form or otherwise leave your personal data behind, Wierper WebWorks can save and store it. This enables us to facilitate contact, implement any agreements and comply with legal obligations. In the latter case, think for example of our administration obligations.

Wierper WebWorks usually stores the following data about you:

  • Initials and/or first name, surname, titles, telephone number, e-mail address & organization;
  • Written reports of contact moments between you and Wierper WebWorks.

In addition, if you have given us your explicit permission, we can use your e-mail address to keep you informed about news, tips and offers from Wierper WebWorks.

We may further use your information to improve our services and website. For this purpose, we use anonymised and often aggregated data that cannot be traced back to you personally.

What does Wierper WebWorks do to secure my data?

Security within our company

Your data can be stored either on a computer, server or with a third party. In all these cases, we have taken appropriate measures to protect your information.

  • Access to your data will be limited as much as possible to those employees who require it for the performance of their work.
  • If your data is stored on a PC, Laptop or smartphone, these devices are password protected. Individual files in which your data is stored are also password-protected. These passwords are stored in DashLane and can only be accessed through double authentication.
  • We will delete your information when we no longer need it for the initial purpose for which it was collected.
  • Employees who leave our service are denied all access to our systems and/or passwords to these systems.

Security of our server & website

Our website is equipped with a secure connection (SSL) and available security updates for the website are implemented within two working days. Finally, we use various authentication methods when sending email.

Security of our server & website

If we provide your data to third parties, we will make agreements with these parties regarding the processing and security of your data (processing agreement). This may be the case, for example, if we store your data in a newsletters system or a CRM system. These parties can in turn engage other parties who gain access to their systems and thus to your data. They make agreements with these parties about the processing and security of your data.

Retrieving, viewing, changing or deleting your data

Wierper WebWorks would like to help you gain insight into what (personal) data we have stored about you. In this way you can determine whether these data are correct, whether you want to have them changed, or whether we need to delete them. You can contact us for this by e-mail ( or by telephone (06-50832195).

In order to process such a request quickly, please contact us from an e-mail address or telephone number known to us. In this way we can be sure that we will only provide you with your details. Is this not possible? Please provide us with a copy of your proof of identity.

Cookies and more

Wierper WebWorks uses a number of types of cookies on its website in order to provide you with the best possible service. Cookies that track the use of the website are never linked to you as a person.

  • Settings and preferences: The settings and preferences you have entered on the website can be remembered through cookies, so that we can offer you a personalized website experience.
  • Statistics: cookies for statistics give us insight into the way visitors use the website. This enables us to tailor our website and services even better to the behaviour and wishes of our visitors.
  • Marketing: If you give permission to place cookies (whether or not via your browser settings) we will place so-called "remarketing" cookies. These allow us to show you text or image advertisements in other places on the web. These advertisements are based on previous use of our website.


If you still have questions after reading this privacy statement, please contact us.

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